Our principles. The Zventa Agency  works on the basis of recruitment technique. It means:

we work with professional candidates of great potential;

staff selection is paid only by employers;

while selecting candidates (especially for managing positions), the technique of direct search is used. Of' course, we have our own database and every day new specialists come to us. But still, the more responsible position is, the greater role is given to personal contacts and recommendations;

we provide the guarantee services for each order;

we keep in touch with our candidates all the time and we supervise their professional growth. Due to this fact we know their potential - much better, than after interviews, tests or only after getting acquainted with their resume.
Zventa Agency is one of the leaders in the field of Recruitment in the Kharkov Region and was the first Recruitment Agency in Kharkov.  Since 1998 we have successfully selected managers for top and middle positions such as Accountants, Finance Directors, IT Specialists and other highly qualified specialists.

We work with highly qualified candidates of great potential;

Under staff selection we apply the technique of direct search;

We provide the guarantee conduct of the order;

We keep in touch with our candidates during a long period of time and we supervise their professional career and growth;

Staff selection is paid only by employers;

Our agency adheres to the Recruiter's Code.

The range of our agency activities implies also conduct of training for managers and trade representatives, conduct of promotion campaigns in order to promote different consumer goods. You can find more detailed information about the services we provide in the section for employers. We constantly work to improve the quality of the services we provide.

Recruitment Agency, Kharkov, Ukraine.